Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Language in the Blood by Angela Lockwood

About the Book

Title: Language in the Blood
Author: Angela Lockwood
Publication: angela lockwood (16 Aug 2013)
Summary: Until the outbreak of the First World War, young Cameron Blair would have liked nothing better than to stay in Edinburgh and marry his childhood sweetheart. As the call to arms goes out, Cameron and his pals sign up to fight for their country. They are soon delivered into the nightmare of war, and there Cameron more than meets his maker. 
The story follows Cameron as he comes to terms with his new ‘life’, from his first days as a hapless vampire in war-torn France to the glamorous modern day setting of the Côte d’Azur. Along the way, he develops a distinctive taste for the finer things in life: jewels, yachts, small dogs and champagne-infused human... 

What I Think

Until now I have avoided the 'vampire genre' and Language in the Blood is, therefore, the first vampire book that I've ever read. I was more than happy to give it a try thinking that maybe I was missing out on something and you shouldn't knock something until you've tried it (except maybe for Fifty Shades of Grey). 

Cameron, the main character in the book, was born in the early 20th century and spends the better part of it being a vampire after he is turned into one during World War I. He initially struggles to adapt to his new way of living, especially how to find 'food', but within a couple of years starts to feel more comfortable. The main changes in his character take place very early on and after that he remains fairly stable, albeit cold distant and ruthless. I would have preferred to see more of his early development as this is where the biggest changes happen. 

This is an easy to read novel divided into bite-sized chapters which relate to the people Cameron meets during his life. I would recommend this to people who are interested in vampire fiction. 

About the Author

Angela Lockwood-van der Klauw was born in the Netherlands. She learned her trade as a jeweller and gemmologist at the Vakschool Schoonhoven before moving to Edinburgh as an apprentice jeweller. There she met and later married her husband Adam. Angela ran her own jeweller’s shop in Edinburgh for ten years before she and her husband moved to the south of France in 2011. Like Cameron, Angela prefers the climate there, but often thinks about the town she left behind and its people. 

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

On the Edge by Dick Hannah

About the Book

Title: On the Edge
Author: Dick Hannah
Publication: Amazon kindle (2013)
Summary: On the Edge takes Joe Malone, a disgraced and psychologically scarred Iraq War Marine veteran, to the canyons and deserts of West Texas to face his biggest fears and confront a dangerous enemy while racing in a three day adventure race. 

What I Think

On the Edge is almost two books for the price of one: present Joe and past Joe. As the book progresses we learn more about Joe's past life as a Marine and why this has led him to be the way that he is in his present life. These two threads of the story are cleverly woven together and feed into the ever-building climax at the end. 

Despite not knowing much, or indeed anything, about adventure races, there is enough detail in the book to follow what is going on. Joe works for his father's adventure fitness company as an instructor and the battle of fitness is also played out in the tumultuous relationship with his father. This relationship is tested further when one of their clients is murdered whilst Joe is leading the training session. 

Overall this is an enjoyable thriller and is recommended for people who enjoy murder mysteries. 

About the Author

Dick Hannah grew up loving to read and write. His first story, written in first grade, read like a Rex Stout pulp thriller but with less direction and absolutely no structure. He has since progressed and enjoys writing thrillers in the mould of Dick Francis and Diane Mott Davidson, but with adventure racing as a theme instead of horse racing or catering. He hopes to eventually develop into a techno/thriller writer and leverage his background in the Airborne Ranger Special Operations units. 

He is the author of Toe the Line and On the Edge

I have read & reviewed Dick Hannah's previous novel, Toe the Line, and he very kindly did an author interview for my blog. Click here for the link. 

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